Located in the coral triangle, Dive Timor Lorosae is located in Timor Leste / East Timor. A young country with vast untouched reefs and a refreshingly quiet number of divers. Timor Leste’s location offers unique diving. With constant upwellings from the deep channel found just off shore there is continuous nutrients provided to the reef. Coral reefs here have stayed strong and healthy with almost no impact from coral bleaching that affects other areas of South East Asia. Timor Leste offers you one of the most biodiverse reefs in the world full of coral and fish species that fill your eyes with beauty, keeping you amazed with each dive.

We have a range of sites, with muck dives, great walls and some underwater pinnacles, providing a diverse range of wildlife from Nudibranchs, frogfish and seahorse to schooling fish, turtles, reef sharks and if you are lucky enough maybe an eagle ray or dugong. Explore the North Coast of the main land from Dili, or boat dive Atauro Island.

You can also enjoy whale watching during the season as recent scientific studies discovered this country has the healthiest population of Pygmy Blue Whales, in addition to 41 other species of cetaceans passing through these waters.