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Saturday, 28 April 2018 02:38

Bas' start to 2018, a year of PADI IDCs

So…… What happened in the Philippines so far this year???

To start with there is SO MUCH is going on in DIVE CAREERS…WHOOP!!

First I would like to congratulate Marie and Arnaud with an upcoming event hahaha. Marie is going to have a little break because she is about to run her private MCDTC that is new but means Mini Course Director Development Training Course back in Canada but she will be missed.

And the “BIG” boss Mark who decided to get another hobby, next to staying in luxury resorts….. GOATS! Wonder where that is going?

Then of course a big welcome and congratulations to Shayne with passing the CDTC with flying colours and joining the Dive Careers team!

And don’t forget Peter who is working with us and taking care of Koh Tao and Malapascua with great success btw.

Okay enough about my colleagues, and a bit about my start of the year.

After finishing 2017 with the first IDC in Coron…. Also known as THE wreck Mecca from the Philippines, I did my first 40C dive in Barracuda Lake which was an amazing experience. Great support from Reggae Dive Centre. The staff was amazing as well. I have to say I love the free beer that we got on the way back after diving some awesome wrecks!!!!!! But NO Manta rays!!


After a few days off, 2018 started for me and got me to the pearl of the Philippines - El Nido, Palawan with Deep Blue Seafari.

Maybe it is boring to say again but it still amazes me every time I am here how stunning the scenery is and that is why every boat trip we take to go out for confined or open water is like a present. And to have my own examiner Gary doing the IE was fantastic!!!

And again NO Manta’s.



Ahhhhh…. back home getting ready for our first IDC with Seaquest Dive Centre in Bohol. Having a pool and a boat when you need it is making my life very easy and making the candidates relaxed for the IE, which was a great success!!! Oh, I forgot NO Manta’s.





After a bit of time doing nothing (that is what Mark taught me btw), back to the Pearl. A great program.  Candidates from Argentina, France and England. Lots of fun and a fantastic IE hosted by Richard and it all ran very smoothly.  NO Manta’s!!!!


Last but not least Thresher Shark Divers!!!! Kind of where my overseas adventure began 5 years ago, gone for a while but very happy to be back., Malapscua IDC.

Starting with Nick…. A great DMC who helped me during the whole IDC with prep and telling me where to put my name on the board for the day after (I only forgot 3 times). Marco-what are we gonna say about this Casanova???? At least he has a t-shirt now ahahahahah. Maybe I am just jealous because his six pack is visible hahaha.

Phillip from Cebu passed his staff course but not only that!! He was a great help and yes I learned a lot while talking about Tec.  Walter who was teaching the boys Sidemount gave me a great amount of tips as well.


Great dives on the sharks (and I mean a lot of them!!) and stunning sunrises BUT………STILL NO Mantas.






Back home now and just heard about the mini CDTC form Marie. That only means one thing:

I have to go to Lembongan and that also means one thing…




So can’t wait to start the program with Two Fish Divers on the 14th of May. And I am not leaving before I see a manta and that is a fact.


Not there yet, but just if you’re interested in some Rock and Roll diving you can also come and join me in Port Elizabeth or Cape Town. If you’re bored of Mantas, Turtles and Banner fish you can maybe help me out with looking for Black and White tips, penguins, seals, whales and an occasional Great White (FYI…we don’t do cages ahahah). I will be there for some great diving with Pro Dive and ????????? in Cape Town. 



And it’s gonna be so comfortable in my new dry suit. Thanks so much Mark!!!



Here are the next dates for my IDC’s for the upcoming months. Please, feel free to contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any questions or more info.


Lembongan, Indonesia starts on the 14th of May

Bohol, Philippines starts on the 26th of May

El Nido Philippines starts 14th of June

Port Elizabeth, South Africa starts 12th of July

Cape Town, South Africa 31st of july

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