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Saturday, 21 April 2018 03:15

When Pro’s at different levels meet up in paradise

This was the beginning of our 5th year with Poseidon Diving Station in Sri Lanka. While part of their team was busy opening their other location in Trincomalee, north east of the Country, a big part of the Poseidon Family was still on Hikkaduwa, south west, as, despite the approach of the end of the season, the place was very busy.

On top of that, a group 9 people decided to take over the place: US! The “Want to Go Pro” people!

Good news, it worked out, they didn’t just “want to go Pro”…they did it for real. A great achievement for people who worked hard to get there.

We have to say that it has been the best IDC so far when it comes to water conditions. The confined area has been clear, calm and occupied one more time by this massive turtle swimming in between us during the presentations.

Open Water was also nice and calm. Crystal clear visibility as well allowing Marie to supervise the entire team from the surface with a big belly!

Writing about the IDC on Hikkaduwa is always a bit of a struggle, because there is not much else to say other then it was again an epic 2 weeks of training in great company. That place is simply perfect!

On that amazing location, new PADI Pros were born. So lets talk about them!

With the help of Arnaud, Staff Instructor from France, we trained 3 New Staff Instructors which will be now ready to train Assistant Instructors and work on IDCs along with a Course Director.

Erin, Staff Instructor Candidate from Scotland has completed her IDC in Dubai a while ago already. She has been working since as an Instructor and her calmness and experience will give a lot of trust to her future candidates. But watch out, she knows her stuff!

Joel, Staff Instructor Candidate from the USA has done his IDC with us 4 years ago on Malapascua, Philippines. He came back to Dive-Careers with a new interest: taking the step up to teach at professional level. Well, Joel, you are ready for it! Your briefings, feedback and clear way of communicating with your students will bring you far.

Laurent, Staff Instructor Candidate from Switzerland has recently become Instructor and MSDT on Koh Tao with Dive-Careers as well. He found himself back where it all started for him 1 year ago when he completed his Open Water course with Lal, permanent instructor at Poseidon Diving Station. Was interesting to see him now with an IDC evaluation slate in hand. Great time ahead of him despite the fact that he had to go back to his “normal job” a little bit too early!

And now the super stars: the IDC candidates!

Du, IDC Candidate from China has completed her DM course on Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia. She has also dived in many places around the world. That adventurous girl will go far! She now went back to China, but we already got her a job so she won`t have any other choice then to come back! If you want to meet that amazing person with a big smile and heart who will make you laugh without even realizing she is so funny (!!!), you find her from May 2018 on Trincomale, Sri Lanka!

Navoda, IDC Candidate from Sri Lanka, took a while to compete his DM, too busy with many other things in life…but not necessarily boring things, unless swimming with Blue Whales in boring for you?! Yes, Navoda is snorkeling guide with whales. He knows when, where and how to find them…and he now also knows how to make you a diver!

Paul, IDC Candidate from USA has completed has completed his DM in Mexico and then came to Sri Lanka to work for the season. He has been experiencing the life of a DM in Sri Lanka for 6 intense months. I think he lost 10kg!!! But the impact of his last 6 months has been reflecting on his IDC. In pure 100% control of the situation he was.

Last, but not least, Sahan, IDC Candidate from Sri Lanka has been managing a dive center in Welligama for the past 2 years. He was so scared of joining us…and clearly understand now that he had everything he takes. Now back to his manager duty, he has something else to do in the dive center: teaching! If you meet him at night and he does playing cards tricks…he is trying to sell you a course!!

We all know that the diving industry is a very very small world, so you will for sure get the chance to meet these people somehow somewhere! And you know what, it will be a pure pleasure, promised!

This is what Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka and the Poseidon Diving Station team does to people…it brings the best out of each other.

Next IDC will be taking place on the 2nd of November. Drop me an email for more information.

PADI Platinum Course Director 639725
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Last modified on Thursday, 03 May 2018 09:47
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