The Dauin coastline stretches for about 15 kilometres with more than 20 dive sites, the greatest majority being marine protect areas, and among the oldest conservation projects of the Philippines, to enchant every diving enthusiast with diverse coral gardens and world-renowned muck dives. Muck diving gets its name from the sediment that lies at the bottom of many dive sites, a frequently muddy or “mucky” environment.

Dauin’s shore, is defined by a sediment rich volcanic black and warm sand habitat that peculiar marine life thrives on.

The magic lies in the small animals that inhabit this peculiar area. Nowhere else will there be such abundant, rare and colourful sea creatures than on a muck dive. Usually juveniles or quite small fish, molluscs and crustaceans will be called “macro” from the photography term in which the size of the subject in the photo is greater than life size.

The strangest shapes, the most vibrant colours, unusual patterns and curious behaviour beheld. Ghost pipefish, frogfish, nudibranch, squids, cuttlefish, can be spotted on most of the dive sites!

Sea tours

Our guests have the opportunity to take a snorkelling or diving trip to the famous Apo Island. Located about 45 minutes from Dauin, Apo Island shelters a great variety of hard and soft corals, nudibranchs, mantis shrimps, countless reef fish, such as clown fish and parrot fish, banded sea snake, relaxed sea turtles and many more await our guests to greet them.

The marine habitat around the island is a marine reserve since 1982, and one of the first in the Philippines.

We’ll sail to Apo Island aboard one of our three bancas, a comfortable traditional Philippines style outrigger pump-boat, followed by the diving and snorkelling sessions with a barbecue lunch break. This trip will thrill beginners as well as more advanced divers or snorkellers as the dive sites are diverse and most of them easily accessible, usually with good visibility and little or no current. Don’t forget to bring your camera!

We also regularly have trips to Sumilon Island, another great underwater experience with a wide coral diversity and a high chance to spot the popular, casual, black tip reef sharks!



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