1,190 coral islands, which form an archipelago of 26 larger atolls with an extension of 820 kilometers in north-south direction and 120 kilometers in east-west direction. 202 of these islands are inhabited and 87 are exclusive resort islands, and AMBA is right in the middle

Generally warm and humid. The sun shines all year round and the average temperatures are between 29 ° C and 32 ° C. Water temperature between 27 ° and 29 °.

During the different tours, a maximum of 3 dives per day and a night dive that is included in the 3 dives are offered during the entire tour.

You can see the estimated number of dives in the tour descriptions. Please keep in mind that dives may have to be canceled without replacement. All dives are made by the accompanying spacious escort ship of the VARA. It offers enough space to store the equipment and to gear up the equipment.

A toilet and a fresh water shower are of course available. On board the AMBA, each cabin has its own large compartment in the saloon to store and charge dive computers, cameras, etc. safely and dryly.

Batteries can be charged safely in the compartments, but not in the cabins. Nitrox is mandatory and all guests must be certified for a depth of 30 meters. A minimum of 50 open water dives is expected.

The tours that are taken mainly consist of drift dives and each dive site has an average depth of 25-30 meters. If you are not certified for Nitrox or 30 meters at the beginning of the safari, you can take the courses on board the AMBA with an experienced English-speaking diving instructor.

For safety reasons, we do not offer air fillings and we are very strict about diving safety and diving equipment. Stage or additional sidemount tanks as well as 15 liter tanks with a maximum of 32% Nitrox can be booked cheaply. Before every dive there is an informative but short briefing in English that prepares the divers for the dive. It is not possible to dive on the day of arrival and after the first dive on the day before departure and on the day of departure itself.

We ask that proof of certification (also just a photo) be kept ready at check-in. A logbook does not have to be presented.

In addition to the usual diving equipment, every diving guest must carry a cutting tool, buoy with reel, diving lamp, signal whistle and a dive computer (per diver) with them on every dive.

We do not accept any exceptions and expect that every diver adheres to the given safety rules. If you do not agree, you will not be able to dive on board the AMBA!

Rental equipment is available on board if pre-ordered. We ask divers who have their own dive computer to change their batteries before the tour. Regular servicing of the equipment is a prerequisite. Spare equipment and tools are available in limited quantities. Experienced divers with at least 300 drift dives, 200 of which have to be done in the Maldives, are welcome to dive independently with a diving partner at the same experience level.

In this case we ask you to present a logbook. If the last dive was more than 2 years ago or the diver does not feel safe, we ask you to take a refresher course in a good dive center in advance at home.

One day after arrival, the first thing in the morning is a check dive. During this dive, the dive crew wants to make sure that the divers are able to clear their mask, recover their regulator, and use the buoy from a depth of five meters. We are of course happy to help if the skills are a bit rusty.

Guests with experience of diving appreciate the AMBA because of the relaxed, uncomplicated and competent support provided by the experienced German management. Diving beginners feel very comfortable in the hands of the boat management, the experienced guides and diving instructors because the crew takes care of each guest individually and warmly. Every crew member, even the cooks and room boys, are trained and refreshed annually to become oxygen providers and first aiders. Bit by bit, the management at the AMBA trains every employee who shows interest to become a Divemaster, on the one hand to take care of their future and to take care of new dive guides within the company. On the other hand, to develop a good understanding of the diving community and the diving guests as well as the underwater world. Diving equipment is assembled and dismantled by the guest on board the AMBA. Service is offered to a high degree, diving and ensuring that the equipment is set up correctly, and the guest himself has to;) If you have any disabilities, we are of course always at your side.


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