DIVING NUSA LEMBONGAN BALI, during your PADI Divemaster / IDC Internship

Nusa Lembongan is just 30mins by boat from mainland Bali, and is where you can dive with the mantas and mola-mola that made Bali famous

You will also find large schools of fish, beautiful hard-corals, colourful soft corals and a range of critters from macro to pelagics. Something for everyone!


The gentle sloping reefs of the north coast of Pendia provide beautiful coral reefs starting at just 2 meters underwater and cover the slope all the way to the bottom. These mixing hard and soft corals, provide homes to many small critters like; nudibranch, crabs and shrimps while also providing a healthy living environment for many schooling reef fish. Off the reef and cruising in the blue water, it is possible to see the large fish like Giant Trevally, Turtles, Napoleon wrasse and Barracuda.

The large plateaus of the south provide the cleaning and feeding stations for the Manta Rays and this where the two manta dive sites are located. Although not as rich in coral diversity as the north, the plateaus do offer divers interesting rock formations covered in sponge and coral. The high light of the southern dive sites, is having the chance to see the Manta feeding in the shallows or being cleaned by the reef fish.


With Manta rays inhabiting the waters around the islands of Nusa Penida all year round, divers have a high chance to dive with these large graceful creatures. The two manta dive sites offer diver the chance to witness manta rays feeding or being cleaned by common reef fish.

A tropical island dive resort, located only a minutes walk from the beach, where our custom built dive boats are waiting, loaded and ready to bring you the local dive sites which are only 10 – 45 minutes away.

With a coral coverage of 74% at 10 meters deep, the long stretching fringing reefs that run along the full north coast of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan, provide plenty of colourful hard and soft corals to see for all levels of divers.

A large majority of the dive sites in the area are drift dives. This means we check to see which way the current is going and we just gently go with the flow.

During the season between the months of July to October, Mola Ramsayi (Oceanic Sunfish) are quite a common sight. Typically found between 18 – 30 meters, these strange creatures come up from the deeper waters with the cold currents (18 – 24 degrees) to be cleaned at the dive sites around Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan

Diving with mantas during idc and divemaster nusa lembongan
Dive with mantas during your PADI Divemaster and IDC on Nusa Lembongan, Bali , Indonesia.


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