Professional Diving Internships

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What's included?

All PADI materials

Super experienced instructor trainers

Marine Resource Management seminar

Oxygen Provider Instructor

Access to unique online learning

Pre IDC theory preparation

Assortment of digital files to help with IDC and post IDC life as instructor

A lifetime of support in your new career through the Dive-Careers Worldwide employment network

course pre-requisites

To qualify for training on our PADI Instructor Course, you must:

Be at least 18 YEARS OLD

Be certified as a diver for at least six months

Have at least 60 LOGGED DIVES* including experience in night, deep and navigation (You’ll need 100 logged dives to take the Instructor Exams)

Have CPR and FIRST AID qualifications within the last 24 months* (the "EFR" Emergency First Responder course meets this requirement)

Be fit for diving and submit a PADI MEDICAL STATEMENT signed by a physician within the last 12 months

Our IDC PACKAGES will help you meet these requirements

What Will I Learn?

You will learn all the latest teaching techniques right from your booking with access to our unique online learning video presentations, theory assessments and knowledge reviews, through to extensive use of the latest digital products during your IDC.

Our schedule incorporates revision for theory and skills, plus extra training in emergency procedures, accident management and oxygen provision. Plus we also include a seminar on coral reef ecology with a FREE Marine Resource Management seminar. All extra information to make you a better instructor.


Completing your PADI Instructor training with Dive-Careers guarantees an IDC taught from a great depth of experience and knowledge and has some great advantages for you in the dive industry. Our unique and extensive network extends globally and clearly enhances your chances of finding work and pursuing a long and successful career in diving.

You can use your Dive-Careers PADI Dive Instructor certification as a springboard to a great career anywhere in our network of dive centres and contacts throughout Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa, America and the Middle East.


ALL PADI PRO courses are subject to the following application fees which ARE NOT INCLUDED in the course/package prices quoted on our website

ADD PADI FEES: - Payable directly to PADI by CREDIT CARD in Australian Dollars

  • Dive Instructor Application Fee $257 AUD
  • IE (Instructor Exam) Fee $890 AUD
  • EFRI (First Aid Instructor) Fee $177 AUD


  • Divemaster Application Fee $202 AUD
    (Applicable to packages up to IDC only)
  • MSDT Application Fee $138 AUD
    +Specialty Instructor Applications $101 AUD each
    (Applicable to MSDT ADD-ONS only)

East Timor PADI IDC 

Become a PADI Dive Instructor on the idyllic, tropical paradise of East Timor.  Your PADI dive instructor training can be one of those once in a lifetime chances to experience a relatively pristine, untouched environment.  Situated in the coral triangle, with stunning reefs seemingly untouched by coral bleaching, immense species diversity and on the migratory route of whales, East Timor offers an unique opportunity to dive where few others have as you pursue your dream of becoming a PADI Dive Instructor.  

As a PADI Divemaster you are ready to take the step towards dive instructor.  Dive Timor Lorosae offer one of the most experienced and successful instructor programmes internationally.  As partners with Mark Soworka's Dive-Careers completing your IDC on East Timor opens up employment opportunities across the globe.  Start your PADI instructor career in the serenity of East Timor and become part of a dive professional network that spans from Philippines to Mexico, Sicily to South Africa.  Your passport to travel the world as a PADI Dive Instructor.


East Imor IDC dive
Dive the prisitne East Timor reefs during your PADI IDC

East Timor PADI IDC Schedule

Dive Careers relaxed and informative IDC schedule is a great way to start your career as a dive instructor.  In East Timor we conduct the IDC over a 13 day IDC Schedule that includes Emergency First Aid Instructor plus more.  During our PADI IDC, we will also look deeper into emrgency procedures and physiology with the Emergency Oxygen Provider course.  We will also discuss the unique and wonderful marine environment of East Timor and look at techniques to help with reef conservation during our Marin Resource Management seminar.  Plus, we will take a deeper look at dive equipment with the Scubapro Equipment Counselor seminar.  These programmes help make you a competent and confident dive professional and are included free of charge with our East Timor IDC.

You will also have plenty of time to admire the natural beauty of East Timor with some of the last remaining vestiges of tropical lowland rainforest and stunning beaches, explore the relics of Portuguese settlements and prehistoric archaeological sites and soak up that unique East Timor atmopshere. 

East Timor PADI IDC & EFRI $USD1200 plus IDC & EFRI materials $USD800

East Timor PADI MSDT and Dive instructor Specialties

 During your East Timor IDC we will also conduct PADI specialty instructor training.  This is a great opportunity to take your career that step further and a wonderful chance to experience some of the great dives offered around East Timor.  Without a doubt, Atauro is East Timor’s most pristine diving area.  Visibility is always excellent, and the abundance of fish life and coral is simply overwhelming. Our dive masters will be more than happy to show you the hidden secrets of Atauro’s underwater world.  An excellent destination for us to explore some instructor specialties from Deep Diving to maybe diving with a dugong during our Natrualist specialty.  

MSDT prep (5 PADI Instructor Specilaties) $USD550

padi msdt east timor
dive with dugongs during your PADI IDC and MSDT on East Timor



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