The town of CABO SAN LUCAS lies at the southernmost top of the Baja California Peninsula of Mexico. It's one of two cities that make up what's called Los Cabos, the other one being San Jose del Cabo. The two towns are connected by a stunning highway along the coast.

Cabo San Lucas sits on the very tip of where the Pacific Ocean meets the sea of Cortez, and makes it an incredible location to have big marine animals and pelagic encounters underwater.

The Cabo San Lucas bay where we do lots of our training is also a Marine Protected Area (MPA), and a UNESCO World Heritage Site and only 5min boat ride from the marina. What also makes this bay very unique is its depth. In some areas the top of our walls sit only 100 meters (300 ft) from shore and although these walls start as shallow as 8 meters (24ft) underwater they descend down to over 380 meters (over 1200 Ft).

The bay offers not only great site for beginners, but also and incredible spot for technical and deep diving explorations. One of our favorite underwater phenomenons in diving in the bay is the underwater sand falls. These sandfalls are found at a few of the dive sites near Neptunes Finger and Lands end. Watching the sand cascade down the rocky cliffs like a waterfall, is unlike anything else in the world.

Our local bay is also the home to an astonishing abundance of marine life from sea lions, nudibranchs, massive schools of fish, multiple species of rays, sharks, turtles, and even humpback whales stop in for a visit in the winter & spring!

Cabo San Lucas is different than many other tourist destinations in the world. It has an incredible amount of infrastructure ranging from high quality medical care & hospitals, direct flights from most major US cities, big grocery stores and super fast fiber optic internet. We also have Uber for getting around town and Uber Eats for when you don’t feel like going out. However what makes Cabo really special is that only a few minutes away you can still find miles of untouched beaches, mountains, and cactus filled desert. Cabo and Los Cabos really offer the best of both worlds, all the comforts of a city with untouched nature right on your doorstep.

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