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Mark Soworka

Mark Soworka

Great PADI Professional Diver Training planned for Sicily October 2016

This October we have a great couple of weeks of diving planned in Sicily, Italy. We kick off with a PADI Dive Instructor course starting on the 7th October. On the 12th of October PADI representative Jonas Samuelson and Fabio Figurella will conduct a Go-Pro Evening for all PADI professionals and anyone interested in becoming a dive professional. Scubapro will be running equipment workshops and world renowned Akim Adhari will be conducting free diver training.

Deborah giving confined water briefing to marco on our Sicily IDC

The PADI Dive Instructor Course, PADI IDC, will be attended by candidates from all over Europe and taught by Platinum Course Director Mark Soworka and Master Instructor and owner of Sea Spirit Diving Sicily, Carmelo Sgroi. The course starts on October 7. We have a great couple of weeks planned with loads of extra workshops from Marine Resource Management Seminars through to diver rescue scene management training. Sea Spiriti Sicily is a great location for your Dive-Careers.com IDC. We use the facilites at Ata Hotel. Olympic swimming pool for the skills, confernece room for the lectures and nip out on the zodiac to Isla Bella for some diving. Excellent logistics making your instructor training relaxed and enjoyable.

On October 10 Mark Soworka will conduct a Scubapro ProSales workshop. This is free of charge and all are welcomed. Participants will have an in depth look at how dive equipment from regulators to computeers function and the importance of equipment sales to a dive business. Seminar completion is awarded a ProSales certificate from Scubapro. Federico Garaventa, the Area Manager for Scubapro Italy, will also conduct an equipment workshop on the afternoon of October 12. PADI have offered all PADI professional attending this seminar, free Equipment Specialty Instructor rating. Sign up soon to ensure your place.

Scubapro Equipment certificate issued to our candidates on our Sicily IDC

Also on the evening of October 12, Jonas Samuelson, PADI Regional Director, and Fabio Figurella, PADI Regional Manger, will condcut a GoPro evening for all in Sicily area. They will be providing aperitivo and will look at the myriad of possibilities you have as a dive professional. Career pathways from technical diving, liveaboard work through to apnea will be discussed. Should be a great evening with a remedial day the following day unwind and wake up late after enjoying a night of Sicilian hospitality.

Successful completion of the Sicily IDC. Now for aperitivo

After the PADI Instructor exam on 21st and 22nd October, it is planned for world renowned free diver, Akim Adhari to conduct free diver training. Akim has given a great offer to get PADI instructors certifed as PADI Free Diving Instructors with a 5 day course. Excellent opportunity to hone your free diving skills in the picturesque waters of Taormina, Sicily, where many scenes in the free diving cult classic 'The Big Blue' were set.

Become a PADI free diving instructor with Akim Adhari on our Sicily IDC

We also have loads of diving planned for the Sicily IDC, with specialty instructor training diving the canyons of Isla Bella and deep dives down to ancient Greek columns. Plenty of time to enjoy the great diving conditions Sicily provides in October. Our October 2016 IDC programme on Sicily is packed with so many great workshops and seminars to help you become a confident and competent dive professional. There is no better way to launch your PADI professional dive career than joining the Dive-Careers.com network. It is your passport to a truly global netwrok with genuine job placement opportunity. Join us this October 7 2016 or enquire for our programmes in 2017 May 6 and Otober 11 2017. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to launch your career int he dive industry.

Out diving ancient Greek columns on our Sicily IDC

Sicily SCUBAPRO Seminar as part of Dive-Careers.com Italy IDC

On the 13th of October, 2016, during the IDC from dive-careers-europe.com, we had the honour to welcome SCUBAPRO Technical Director Gilbert de Coriolis at the ATAHOTEL Naxos Beach in Giardini-Naxos, Sicily, Italy. It was going to be a day full of passion for scuba dive equipment and brilliant tips for our PADI IDC-participants. SCUBAPRO Sales Director of EMEA Gianluca Bugli and Area Manager Federico Garaventa also attended, adding a marketing perspective to an incredible dive equipment seminar

Aperitivo Sicily style during the Scubapro seminar on our Sicily IDC, Italy.

From 09.00am in the morning we could fasten our seatbelts, in a few minutes we were blown away by the passion and enthusiasm that Gilbert spread throughout the conference room about the developments of scuba diving regulators in the last 50 years and the technology behind it. Gilbert took us on his journey, taking us from piston and diaphragm first stages, to a precise explanation of the differences between unbalanced, balanced and overbalanced first stages. Holding different parts of first stages in our hands, showing the newest models and listening to explanations about several second stages, we were taken on a journey through regulator development. Terms like ‘inhalation effort’, ‘instant flow’ and ‘hydrostatic pressure’ were explained clearly in a relaxed, passionate manner. Gilbert also shared with us the new innovations and developments at SCUBAPRO that continue to maintain that initial company goal, to have the safest and the best dive equipment on the market.

Gilbert from Scubapro inspiring the IDC candidates on our Sicily IDC

It was a fantastic way to integrate an equipment seminar into the PADI IDC of dive-careers-europe.com, dive-careers.com and Sea Spirit Diving Resort. As a dive instructor, you should have a strong working knowledge of dive equipment. The SCUBAPRO seminars integrated into www.dive-careers.com PADI Instructor Development programmes, ensure our instructors attain that thorough understanding of dive equipment. With the team from SCUBAPRO, our Sicily instructor candidates gained a unique opportunity to increase their dive equipment knowledge and will definitely explain things better to their students and divers in the future with advice on buying equipment and how to take care of it. For more information about equipment workshops during our PADI IDC, please contact Mark Soworka (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Cilla Lentz (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Scubapro, PADI, Sea Spirit and Dive-Careers.com staff enjoying the beauty of Giardini-Naxos Sicily, Italy

Sunday, 25 December 2016 14:57

PADI Go Pro Event in Taormina Sicily, Italy

Enjoying the introduction by Regional Director Jonas Samuelsson to life as a PADI Dive Professional

It was a great evening, allowing people who are interested in becoming PADI Dive Professionals and those PADI PRO’s who want to take it to the next level, the chance to listen to a presentation full with opportunities for working in the diving world. Even better, there was the possibility to ask questions to experienced PADI Professionals and discuss about several topics like ‘how is it to work on a live-a-board?’ or ‘how is it like to work in the Maldives or Thailand?’

Welcome to an IDC paradise!

View of the volcano that overlooks your Amed, Bali IDC

When it’s time to escape from the busy area of Bali province, it’s time to head North east. Direction: Amed. http://www.dive-careers.com/indonesia-diving-internship-bali.html

Driving through fields, green zone, monkeys, Luwak Coffee area and breath taken scenery with the sea on one side and the dormant volcano on the other…the 2 hours drive in between Sanur/Denpasar and Amed goes pretty quick as your eyes will have a lot do absorb.

Tuesday, 04 April 2017 12:45

Koh Tao PADI Instructor Course Reviews

A great start to the year of PADI Instructor Development programmes on Koh Tao, Thailand. Excellent candidates for both February and January Koh Tao IDCs. Great fun and a wonderful time as the reviews attest.

Saturday, 08 April 2017 12:34

Global PADI IDC Tour with Bas

Beaches, Sceneries and lots of sharks!

Since I started teaching in the different locations we offer at Dive-Careers, there has never been a place better than another, but they all have their little something and all fantastic in their own way.

Let me give you an idea how its like…. This is how my adventure looks like. A bit from the past and from the future.

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