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Friday, 22 April 2016 09:21

Our First IDC on Bunaken, Indonesia

An unexpected phone call that brought me an adventure; yep, this is how the story begins…and probably how I will have to end.

Working as a Platinum Course Director for Dive-Careers is the most fantastic job you could think of. We travel the world to teach people how to teach people how to blow bubbles underwater, yes, that’s it! We offer courses in Thailand (Koh Tao), India (Pondicherry and Andaman Islands), Philippines (Bohol and El Nido), Sri Lanka (Hikkaduwa and Trincomale), Sicily, South Africa (Durban) and this year we started in Indonesia where we will be offering IDCs in multiple locations such as Bunaken, Lembongan and Bali.

This is where is where my story begins: Indonesia!

Marie Sidemount pic

On the 12th of February, 7pm, I received a phone call informing me that there was a last minute change in our plans due to passport issues (yes…things like that can easily happen when traveling the world!!). This is what I heard on the phone: “Marie, you need to leave Koh Tao in 2 hours, get on a boat, get on a plane and make it fast as you have to be in a bit more then 24 hours in classroom, in BUNAKEN, Indonesia, for an IDC”!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHH (That was my reaction!)

It had to be done, despite the fact that I had to leave behind important people (and you know who you are!)

With some good help of someone who was trying to make me chilling a bit (let’s be honest…I was stressing a bit!), we got the ticket booked, I grabbed my suitcase and off I went.

Never thought that one day I would be running in an airport with Mark Soworka. Thank god he got in good shape the last few months!

Koh Tao – Surrathani – Bangkok – Jakarta – Manado – Taxi to the Marina and boom, 24 hours later, the staff from Two Fish Divers were waiting for me. The last step of the trip was to board their transfer boat. Direction: Bunaken!

Didn’t really know what to expect for our first IDC in Indonesia, but I know now that it went way beyond my expectations.

I’ve been welcomed and introduced to the Two Fish Divers efficiency right on arrival. It’s like being at home where even Mama cooks for you 3 times a day, where you walk 2 seconds from your bungalow to either jump in the pool or to the café to grab a nice cold Bintang. No need to go outside of the place, you got it all right in the front of your eyes.

But hey! I wasn’t there for the food and the cold beer (even though, it was also very nice! Haha!), I was there for an IDC, which is why 1 hour after my arrival, I was jumping in the pool with the candidates for a Skill Circuit.

Right there, the laugh started and I knew that it was going to be a very nice 2 weeks ahead of me with great company.

IDC Candidates coming from Belgium, England, France, Indonesia and USA and two members of the Two Fish Divers Team coming from England and New Zealand joined us for their Staff Instructor Course.

If we add the French Canadian on top of that (!!), we were representing 7 countries. But the nationalities don’t really matter do they?!? Most importantly, the vibe was at it’s best.

Time in the classroom, in the pool and in Open Water was the plan. Our schedule looks the same everywhere we teach, offering a consistency and high quality level of training, but can I add something?! The WATER and the DIVING here were unbelievable! After our 1st presentation, I was hoping so much that the candidates would have enough air left so that we could go on a dive. And thank god, they did!!

First presentation was at “Rowi”, perfect for muck diving. We even heard whales during the dive, only problem is that the whale has a name: Bryce, the Staff Instructor.

Second presentation was at Lekwan 3…and the drop off right behind us was really tempting! How could we have not fly in the blue after the great presentation of the candidates.

Oh, and we heard “Bryce the whale” again!

For the third presentation at…I can’t remember the name…was as spectacular as the rest. Simply magic to have to evaluate in these waters.

Of course we did spend time in the pool in between as well…and I can’t think of one single presentation during which we didn’t crack up!

Classroom?! Yes of course, but it was all about discussion, interaction, sharing experiences and knowledge in between 8 fabulous people (I am counting my self in!).

We always hear as Course Directors, the candidates say that the IDC was an absolutely amazing experience. This even includes the days they definitely wish their CD slept in and didn’t show up!!!). Our first IDC in Indonesia proved this once more.

It is intense, yes, but it is also the occasion for such a good time.

For us, the Course Directors, every IDC is a simple reminder that what we are doing, is fantastic. At the end of the program, when the candidates are standing holding their diplomas, same as they did in Bunaken, you can imagine the feeling!

Adding to this brilliant time, the Two Fish Divers team has been exceptional. Perfect resort with a relaxed, tranquil and happy atmosphere, with the local staff playing guitar and singing! All services for the guest are being done at a top quality level. Really cool to see such well organized dive resort.

I wish I could have done a “Two Fish Run” by visiting more of their locations (They also have dive facilities LEMBEH, MANADO, NUSA LEMBONGAN, BALI AND SOUTH LOMBOK), but it will be for next time! At least I had the chance to visit Lembeh where we went with the candidates once the IDC was done to complete their Specialty Instructor training. Deep, Wreck, Nitrox, Night, Drift, O2 provider, Photography and AWARE Fish ID was on the menu.

Amazing experience again and this, because of the Two Fish Divers spirit! The diving? What can I say when we see 5 Pygmy Sea Horses on the first dive on one single little piece of 30cm of Coral!

I can’t wait to back for more! Maybe I should mistakenly (like the “oups” type of mistake!) drop water on a certain passport?! Haha!

No, but seriously, today, new PADI Instructors are walking in different streets of Indonesia with their heads up. Today, there is a Course Director on her way back to Koh Tao, Thailand, with a very proud feeling. You guys will be amazing and we are looking forward to work with you.

Yep, an unexpected phone call that brought me an adventure!

A massive thank you to Two Fish Divers team. Thanks to you new Instructors and thanks to you too both Staff Instructors! Absolutely amazing time and we will have more!

The guys must have had a great time an dMaire did an excellent job despite the last minute change, judging by the SubaTribe reviews:


“Marie gave us the best preparation for not only the Instructor Exam but also for the carreer of a diving instructor. The whole two weeks have been well organized, efficient but also full of fun… i can only recommend to go through this great experience :) Next IDCs in Indonesia:”


“I signed up for my IDCS course with Dive Careers and Two Fish Bunaken – what a great experience and a fantastic location! The classroom, pool and dive centre was really convenient as it’s all contained in the resort. Loads of support from the whole Dive Careers team, not just our awesome CD, Marie-Lise Roux. The whole two weeks was great fun, both me and the other IDCS were able to get involved with the candidates and we are able to add our experiences while at the same time learning some great new skills. Recommended!” DD


“Had a great time and learned lots. Really felt supported and like I was important…even though I know you do this constantly and teach 4 million people. The IE was a breeze after all the thorough preparation”. Roya


“The IDC was really well structured and taught. It was also great fun! Highly recommended! 100% passed” Simon


-From the 28th of April until the 12 of May 2016

-From 15th until 29th of September 2016

Two Fish BALI

-10th until 24th of July

-23rd of October until 6th of November

Contact us for more information. All the best!


Platinum CD 639725

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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