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Nusa Lembongan IDCThe beach that greets arrival to your Nusa Lembongan IDC


Wow!!! Where do I start??

 After a bit of a trip to Bali, it was first time to chill a bit and say hello to some friends at Gili Air which I was planning for a while already. Thanks to Sander, Joerie and Viola at Ocean 5.

Nusa Lembongan IDC
On the way to the Nusa Lembongan IDC

A very nice place to relax and it reminded me a bit of Koh Tao but more quiet.

No bikes, just bicycle and horse and wagon…just amazing!!!!

Nusa Lembongan IDC
Indonesia isalnd life


Like Mark normally tells me normally after a 1 day holiday

Back to work!!

So the first ferry to my next adventure, my first time Lembongan!

 Arrive at the island and off to Two Fish Divers.

Great welcome by HANNI who brought me to my room and I settle in a bit…I thought! Thanks Marie!

Nusa Lembongan IDC
accomodation on the Nusa Lembongan IDC


But there was Kipp as well, so we needed some time to catch up.

For the people who know Kipp….. YES it’s still Kipp hahahaha.

Nusa Lembongan IDC
Catching up with old friends on the nusa Lembongan IDC

Next day meeting all candidates from all over the world.

Let me introduce you.

·        An-Shi from Switzerland or should I say Koh Tao?

·        Tom from Germany

·        Chris from UK

·        Podge form Ireland or should I say from Koh Tao?

·        Andreas for Germany

·        Marina form spain

·        Bo from China

And my great great help and staff instructor

Restuning Sandini.

Nusa Lembongan IDC
A great group of international divers on the Nusa Lembongan IDC

We started the IDC with a bit of introduction and than it’s exam time.

Then at night going to say hello to Bas and Kim and having my missed

“Broodje kroket “


After openwater presentations and knowledge development it was time for me to experience something I didn’t believed in.




As we were able to do the specs during the IDC for a bit of a break we went for Manta point and YES they exist!!!!!

Thanks to Restuning and An-shi, I finally saw my first Manta’s and I was amazing

Than drifting like no tomorrow at Mangrove.


Nusa Lembongan IDC Manta Ray
Manta Rays on the Nusa Lembongan IDC


Just amazing!!!!


Now three more days till the IE but with the scores the group had so far its gone be a walk in the park




  Well classroom done in the morning so now its time to be playing around in the pool.


Oxygen Provider:

How is should not be done !

Nusa Lembongan IDC
Oxygen provider going wrong.on the Nusa Lembongan IDC

And how it should be done!

Nusa Lembongan IDC
That's better on the Nusa Lembongan IDC

Rescue skills!

And what to do with a drowing baby again or what not to do



 Almost there!!!

Tomorrow we will be doing the last Openwater presentations

And some wreck training after. Than I can say that we are done and ready to



Everybody is more than ready and prepared!

It’s just two more days and than we obviously have to start making a plan for the IE party…. And yes Podge there will be GIN.


It was a pleasure to have been working with you guys for the last 2 weeks and for sure we will meet again somewhere, some how anywhere in the world

Nusa Lembongan IDC
Good luck on the exam after such a great Nusa Lembongan IDC


Enjoy the world of being a


Padi Instructor!!!!!! 

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I recently completed our first Instructor Development course on the Bali Indonesian Island of Nusa Lembongan. The course was held in conjunction with Two Fish Divers that have had a successful, well respected dive resort on Nusa Lembongan for the past four years. Nusa Lembongan, just a 30 minute boat ride away from the main island of Bali, Indonesia, is growing quickly as a popular destination for divers, regular manta ray and seasonal mola mola sightings, plus a laid back vibe drawing divers from around the globe.

Celebrating great presentations on the IDC

Our PADI IDC in Nusa Lembongan had a great group of students from around the globe. Plus it was an excellent opportunity for me to catch up with many old friends that are now settled in Nusa Lembongan. I had a great time on the IDC. Maybe a little too much some nights but it was great fun catching up with former candidates and friends. And I think the candidates had a great time as well judging by some of their reviews.


"Couldn't have been happier with my IDC experience with Mark. I call him a miracle worker as the person that walked through the door at the start to when I walked out at the end are two very different people. I'm extremely happy with the outcome and feel that he trained us to a very high standard which meant that the exam was a breeze for all of us. Mark's years of experience are very evident in the way he teaches, he has it down to a fine art. " Nicole from Adelaide, South Australia

Rhome practicing her pick up lines during the IDC rescue training.


"Doing the IDC with Dive Careers and more specifically with Mark Soworka, was for sure the right choice. We had 12 solid days of preparation including a lot of theory and GSP exams which made us 100% ready for the IE. The inwater preparation was also great as we had to demonstrate and brief several skills in both confined and open water. A few days before the exam, we also had a mock IE which allowed us to put ourselves in the propel exam conditions! Sharing my IDC experience with others, I realized that we had much more training than usual which made all of us succeed! I will highly recommend Mark! Also the people at Two Fish have been very useful during the whole course which could be a bit stressful. Special thanks to Frederic Brysse, Brice, Rowan and Danielle Drury" Rhome with an accented e, from the Basque region of France.

Typhoid Flora and Tristan practicing the CESA on open water presentations on the Nusa Lembongan IDC


"If you are considering a professional dive career than look no further, @ Dive-Careers they know what it's all about." Ben from the Netherlands.

Kim looking decidedly happy after IDC evaluating.


"Mark and his exceptional knowledge made the IDC for all candidates very interesting and fun. Loved staffing the IDC at Lembongan!" Kim from the Netherlands via Koh Tao


"I had a fantastic time doing my IDC. Mark and the staff instructors were excellent and we couldn't have been any more prepared for the IE. I was lucky to have some awesome team mates which made the whole experience really fun and enlightening. I would recommend Dive Careers and Two Fish to anyone wishing to do their IDC and have complete training and enjoyable experience at the same time. Two Fish staff were excellent and always willing to help and offer advice ranging from tips for being an instructor to fixing my regulator. Thank you to everyone:)" Tristan from the UK

Matteo and Tristan figuring out the compass on the Nusa Lembongan IDC


"The IDC at Two Fish Divers on Lembongan was a nice and educational experience. The staff, lead by Mark Soworka, were extremely good at teaching and knew their stuff." Mikko from the cold, desolate Arctic, a man of much emotion.

The IDC group together on the beach

On our May IDC we had pregnant manta rays circling overhead. The next Instructor Course is scheduled for September, mola mola season. Looking forward to it. If you have nay questions about our Indonesia programs just check out www.dive-careers.com and email me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Look forward to seeing you on your instructor course soon.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2016 21:46

Our First Bali IDC in Amed

Excellent Destination for your Bali IDC

In July 2016 we conducted our first PADI Dive Instructor Course, the IDC, in Amed, Bali, with Two Fish Divers. The location was perfect for dive instructor training with such easy logistics, helping create such a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere. We conducted the IDC at Suriya Rainbow resort, Amed, Bali. Calssroom is in the on site classroom, 15 meters away is the swimming pool and jump over the pool side to the beach and we had our open water destination. A thoroughly enjoyable IDC with Andrea and Melissa participating and Matt staffing. Great location to teach in and eagerly awaiting the next IDC in Amed starting the 23rd of October 2016.

Candidates on the Amed, Bali IDC relaxing int eh pool.

During the IDC we ran a Scubapro seminar for our candidates which was joined by some staff. This gives them a more in depth look at dive equipment how it functions and importance to dive businesses. Participants were issued with Scubapro certificates.

Scubapro Equipment certificate issued to our candidates on our Bali IDC

Yvonne from the Two Fish Technical Diving Department also gave the candidates an intro into sidemount and technical diving. Gave them a chance to play around with different configurations of diving equipment in the pool. Even Remi from a previous Koh Tao IDC joined in to get a taste of tec diving.

technical diving intro conducted on our Amed, Bali IDC

Half way through the IDC we had a GoPro evening with some wine and some beer sponsored by PADI. It was a great chance to meet a load of dive instructors from the other dive centers in Amed. We had short talks about the state of Bali reefs by Reef Check representatives, Technical Diving with Yvonne from Two Fish, Free Diving wit Yokram Zekri from Ocean Prana and I looked at other opportunities in the dive industry. An excellent evening to look at many of the different paths you can take as a PADI Dive professional. We will do another evening like this when back in October.

And,most importantly during the Bali IDC we got to dive on some great artificial reefs. We conducted specialty training on both the Liberty wreck and artificial reefs of Jamyluk. Great dives and definitely a drawcard for completing your IDC in Amed, Bali.

I am looking forward to being back in Amed for another Bali IDC on October 23 2016. I had a great time on the July IDC and judging by the reviews, so did Mel and Andrea. Congratulations on becomign instructors and already finding successful careers. See you in Amed again soon.


"I can only recommand course director Mark Soworka if you plan to become a dive instructor :) He not only prepares you for the exam, he adds extra courses about marine life, equipment and has a lot of anecdotes to share with you that will prepare you for your future carreer as an instructor!" Melissa


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Sunday, 05 March 2017 08:11

PADI Instructor Development Course Amed, Bali

Welcome to an IDC paradise!

View of the volcano that overlooks your Amed, Bali IDC

When it’s time to escape from the busy area of Bali province, it’s time to head North east. Direction: Amed. http://www.dive-careers.com/indonesia-diving-internship-bali.html

Driving through fields, green zone, monkeys, Luwak Coffee area and breath taken scenery with the sea on one side and the dormant volcano on the other…the 2 hours drive in between Sanur/Denpasar and Amed goes pretty quick as your eyes will have a lot do absorb.

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Saturday, 01 April 2017 18:20

PADI IDC Nusa Lembongan, Bali

With our upcoming IDC on the 19th of April in Lembongan, we decided to write a blog dedicated to this location so that you can all realize that completing an Instructor Development course in that location could be a one in a life time experience.

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