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Wednesday, 04 December 2019 08:41

A Clank and a Hiss - Blog By Madixx

The sounds of clanking tanks and boat engines firing up to take us to the next dive site; the hiss of compressed air filling hoses and pushing the pressure gauge needle from 0 to 200 bar in under 6 seconds; the boasts of experiences and encounters from surrounding excited divers’ previous drops underneath the dive site we’re about to explore; And the sense of uncertainty as to what lies beneath the waves we’re about to descend into; This is what inspired me and many others to pursue diving as either a specialized hobby or, like in my case, to pursue a career around. 

As a recreational diver, I’ve experienced hundreds of dives and not one the same. As a professional instructor I am privileged to pass on the learnings and experiences to a new generation that will possibly return to discuss all their discoveries over pints, laughs and a confidence one can only achieve from experience. It is a community that is based around a sport. Unlike any other sport, I have participated in this is one that brings people together from every walk of the earth and connects them with experiences very few have witnessed. The physics is the same. The animals similar and many identifiable in fish guide books. However, some are yet to be discovered and the way each was witnessed are completely unique to the individual. I am proud to be one of them. 

Deciding to pursue the opportunities in diving and gaining the education that began with Dive Careers to continue exploring this world of diversity and pass on that knowledge to others was probably the best decision I’ve ever made. Involving myself into conservation efforts adds yet another element of education and exploration that can only be achieved with dedication, patience and a passion for our underwater environment. No matter where this profession takes me I will always be excited when I hear that sound of clanking tanks as I turn the corner and see the waters which are calling for me to explore.

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It’s been a busy year so far at Dive-Careers, IDC’s all over the globe and new places still keep on coming!!!

But for me (Bas) it was time to take a bit of a break from the Philippines and hop over to…..


After an intense 6/7 months training, for some all the way from Open Water to Dive Master, skipper, equipment specialists, gas blenders etc. its time for me to take them for the last step of the program!!!!

After those two weeks the guys after all hard work in the pool

Open water and of course classroom they are ready and having a well deserved lunch and a glass of South African Water

Now it’s not only that they have been trained as divers but also as skippers… Let’ have a look???

Louis van Aardt is the owner of Pro Dive and he is by far the most experienced skipper in SA, and yes his braai (BBQ) is good as well haha.

He has trained many, many skippers but not all of them are ready for the coolest part of being a skipper in SA…..

And I think it’s really cool that these 21 year old guys are getting ready for the next Sardine Run…And why not going out when there is a bit of wind and a bit of waves???? Lol

After a great program it’s time to go back home and meet my own Mentor Mark S.. After three years we finally had time to meet and so we did

During the IDC Mark is even teaching loose cylinder band to the people in the bar!!! Amazing and for sure safety first

Great programs and many, many more to come in the future I am getting ready for the September IDC in Bohol in the brand new setting of Blue Revival and it looks amazing

Then I will be off for some wreck action in Coron with Reggae Divers and the best wrecks in the Philippines!!!!!

And there is still time to join on the programs for any information and questions please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

And in the end we will be all ending like this!!!!!!

So come and join us!!!

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Saturday, 28 April 2018 02:38

Bas' start to 2018, a year of PADI IDCs

So…… What happened in the Philippines so far this year???

To start with there is SO MUCH is going on in DIVE CAREERS…WHOOP!!

First I would like to congratulate Marie and Arnaud with an upcoming event hahaha. Marie is going to have a little break because she is about to run her private MCDTC that is new but means Mini Course Director Development Training Course back in Canada but she will be missed.

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It might be the shortest month of the year, but it doesn’t mean the action is less present on the Dive-Careers calendar. Here is a summary of what we’ve done last month, as usual…around the globe! Within 4 different locations, there is in February a total of 31 Dive Professional coming from 14 different countries who completed their pro level with us. Lets starts off with Instructor Development Course and why not talk about first… The Philippines!

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It is still strange for me to say that (in a positive way). Well, little did I know that my Open Water Course would turn into a new passion and open the way into the new life that made me the happiest person ever. After my way from Open Water Student to Divemaster at Scuba Education Amsterdam, I researched long and carefully for a good School/Place to become an Instructor. I decided for the Team of Dive-Careers after I had exchanged emails and a Skype call with Mark.

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