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Friday, 28 January 2022 04:44


A first-hand experience of the Instructor Development Course (IDC) hosted at Poseidon Dive Station - Sri Lanka.

Alyssa Mitchell - PADI IDC Staff Instructor, January 2022


Walking along the beach during the Sri Lanka IDC

As someone who loves to dive and travel and with a fair amount of obstacles on the path, qualifying as a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor was the most enriching experiences for me. Currently working as a PADI Instructor, my aim is to inspire and develop fresh talent around the globe.

In my latest gig, I've had the opportunity to staff an Instructor Development Course (IDC) at Poseidon Dive Station in Hikkaduwa, Sri Lanka. Hikkaduwa offers clean beaches, clear waters, coral gardens and remains a favourite water sports destination among tourists and divers. This opportunity was offered in collaboration with Mark Soworka - the world's most successful PADI Course Director. 

I want to convey a big congratulations to our participants Andersyn, Gabby and Prithvi from India, our awesome French couple, Nolwenn and William; and of course, our Sri Lankan locals, Dayan, Udeesha, Shanaka and Luis a.k.a "Luuuie" all the way from Portugal!  Well done on your accomplishments boys and girl!






We had an absolute blast both in and outside of the classroom. Prithvi and Saju shared their magical gift for capturing photos of spectacular sunsets on the beach, while Andersyn and Gabby, with their flamboyant personalities, managed to keep Luis giggling throughout the course. They made him blush every so often and I secretly thought it was rather cute.

Shanaka, who was also dubbed, "The Karaoke King", managed to get Udeesha out of his shell; excuse the pun. He surprised us by being silently violent with the local “Arak attack” whilst jamming along confidently to the sound of drums beating on the beach. Meanwhile, Dayan repeated for the 170th time, “I have a question”.  

Our French couple, William and Nolwenn, better known as "Smiles for miles", were absolute bundles of joy. They diligently searched for William's wallet, t-shirt, and shoes after a very successful Instructor Exam (IE) party that was loaded with well-deserved celebrations! 

Below we have our brand new instructors on the day of their final Instructor Examination. The students cruised through their exams after a lot of dedication and late nights in the classroom for the past 14 days. Well done!'


Our 9 newly qualified and proficient PADI instructors!





I wish to convey my gratitude to Rob Scammell (PADI Regional Manager and Examiner) for making it both a successful and unforgettable IDC/IE experience and also to Chami Sembakuttige (Dive Shop Owner) for being so hospitable with all the facilities at Poseidon. What an absolute gem!

Join us for the next IDC in Goa, India starting 8th February and 26th February back In Sri Lanka. Do you want to become a PADI Scuba Diving Instructor and take diving up as a career?

Contact Mark Soworka This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and start your journey today!

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Friday, 12 March 2021 11:01

Maldives IDC Review - Adam Ashraf

From Adam Ashraf Maldivian PADI Master Instructor and owner of PADI 5 Star Dive Center, Dive Desk in Male.

Maldives PADI Instructor Exam
Ashraf taking a selfie at the Maldives PADI Instructor Exam

As a Master Instructor, I have had the priviledge of staffing at Instructor Development Courses led by Platinum Course Director Mark Soworka of the Dive-Careers.com, based at Maldives' pioneer Dive Centre in the resort-island of Bandos Maldives, since 2017. Maldives February 2021 IDC posed many challenges due to COVID-19 pandemic: From having to relocate IDC to an inhabited-island guesthouse, losing candidates from travel restrictions to 10 out of 14 participants having to undergo a 12-day quarantine that doubled the time and expense for them; Maldives' first IDC of the year was an unprecendented commitment to professional level training by all participants involved with all ten instructor candidates making it through with flying colors!


Maldives idc confined presentation
IDC Confined Presentation on our Maldives PADI Instructor course

To my team of Dive Desk staff instructors Bob and Jumba, to the now certified PADI Instructors YD, CJ, Athti, Aiman, Immy, Arif, Sharif, Caro, Modu and Mippu, to the most patient, down-to-Earth and knowledgable Course Director and mentor Mark Soworka, and to the Examiner Matt Wenger, a very big thank you for making it a memorable and successful IDC/IE. A very special thanks to Maamigili Council and our host Shamoon at Shamar Dive and Guest House for the warm hospitality and logistical support.


PADI IE Maldives
Ten happy, new PADI Instructors on the PADI Maldives IE

Looking forward to our second IDC of the year scheduled for 18 May 2021. I am proud of seeing dedicated young people taking up diving as a career, and I feel honoured to be part of their PADI journeys.  To join our IDC experience in the Maldives contact either

Ashraf on +960 7937738 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Mark directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Location Maldives PADI IDC and PADI IE
Thanks to PADI Regional Manager Matt Wenger, Shamar Guest House and Maamigili Council for hosting the Maldives IDC and PADI IE.
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Monday, 24 June 2019 06:02

2018 in a FLASH!!!!

The year started for me already the first week of January in:


El Nido, Palawan 



We yearly run 5 IDC’s per year with Deep Blue Safari and I am lucky to travel there and enjoy the stunning sceneries, sunsets and of course great diving

After the IDC it’s time to say goodbye to Palawan and on my way home to:


Panglao, Bohol

This is where my whole adventure in the Philippines started. We are working with Sierra Madre divers and having great facilities to make the IDC even more relaxed.

Having the Dive centre on the beach is a fantastic and easy way to organize the open water presentations and the speciality dives.

And having the IDC centre 5 minutes away in a nice and quiet environment makes it great to do lectures and focus on the practice exams and of course a massive pool for training as well!!


After some programs in the Philippines, it’s time to go and see some SHARKS!!!!



Port Elizabeth, South Africa

In peaceful Port Elizabeth, we are teaching at Pro Dive.

In Port Elizabeth, the IDC is not only to become an instructor but also for most of the candidates the last step of a long internship from scratch to OWSI but also experience in compressors, service gear and becoming a skipper.


Diving with Seals, penguins and of course sharks is part of a daily job when diving there.

I am about to leave home to go to PE again this month and can't wait to finally see what summer is like hahaha.

When we are diving we all wanna see fish, plants and corals, but there is more to see like WRECKS and than we have to go to.


Coron, Palawan

Coron is the Mekka of wrecks in the Philippines where we conduct the IDC’S at


Not only the relaxed atmosphere in the centre but Coron itself is a great place to visit and of course dive one of the many wrecks they have there. Its all WWII wrecks and all the guides and instructors will tell you everything about the history of the wrecks.


Maybe you even luck to do the mock IE on a private Island as we did on the last IDC!!


But also one of the weirdest dive I did in my life was in

Barracuda Lake


You go out with the boat for about 10 min and then jump in with just scuba and swimwear. And yes I think its cold but in about 5 minutes I would find out why…

After a 2 minutes swim at the surface we had to climb up the shore and take some steps up over a little cliff and then you will see the lake. Looks normal at the start but far from that when we jumped in and yes still cold for me 27 degrees, till we dropped down to 14 meters and there the temperature was 36 degrees WWWHHHAAATT??

Yes, it was a crazy experience!!!


Overall 2018 was a great year with lots of new friends, instructors and adventures.


If you would like to have some more information about one of these locations or anywhere else where Dive Careers is conducting IDC’S please don’t hesitate to contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Saturday, 28 April 2018 02:38

Bas' start to 2018, a year of PADI IDCs

So…… What happened in the Philippines so far this year???

To start with there is SO MUCH is going on in DIVE CAREERS…WHOOP!!

First I would like to congratulate Marie and Arnaud with an upcoming event hahaha. Marie is going to have a little break because she is about to run her private MCDTC that is new but means Mini Course Director Development Training Course back in Canada but she will be missed.

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This was the beginning of our 5th year with Poseidon Diving Station in Sri Lanka. While part of their team was busy opening their other location in Trincomalee, north east of the Country, a big part of the Poseidon Family was still on Hikkaduwa, south west, as, despite the approach of the end of the season, the place was very busy.

On top of that, a group 9 people decided to take over the place: US! The “Want to Go Pro” people!

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The February/March IDC in Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia had a very special chemistry between 4 candidates and their Course Director. It is not every day that you get an ambiance that makes you forget about time, heat, rain, stress and any other little factors that could affect concentration and motivation.

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It might be the shortest month of the year, but it doesn’t mean the action is less present on the Dive-Careers calendar. Here is a summary of what we’ve done last month, as usual…around the globe! Within 4 different locations, there is in February a total of 31 Dive Professional coming from 14 different countries who completed their pro level with us. Lets starts off with Instructor Development Course and why not talk about first… The Philippines!

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016 12:34

Dream Job as a PADI Dive Instructor on Koh Tao

“See you soon on the way to work (usually it’s a nice walk on the beach) or in the office (yep…that will be underwater!)!”

The dream job…this is what we always hear.

Working in the diving industry is as a matter of a fact the dream job. The office for us, is “The sea”. How does that sound to you?

Out in the water after your Koh Tao IDC

Every month, along with Dive-Careers.com, our PADI Dive Masters take the step up to Instructor. Once their have completed their IDC (Instructor Development Course), they are ready to work, to share their passion to others and start their new careers.

Dive-Careers.com is not only offering a great training, but we are also offering a lifetime of support once our candidates have completed their training. Helping them finding a job is part of what we do, what we want and like to do.

Job opportunities are not only for Koh Tao, Thailand. The fact that we teach IDC’s in 8 different locations around the world, that we’ve been in the industry for two decades, that everywhere we go we like to meet and spend time with our former graduates, gives us the advantage of having a great network throughout the industry and the strong plus of being able to really help our dive instructor candidates network and find great careers.

The PADI Dive Instructor level is a ticket to travel the world. Certification is valid globally. The PADI Instructor is the one that can grab his bag, go where the sea looks great and settle down for the time of their life.

Last month on Koh Tao, we had 9 IDC candidates. I am writing these words 1 month later and I am proud to state that all 9 of them are now working as dive instructors.

Successful group of new instructors after their Koh Tao IDC

This time, most of them chose Koh Tao for now, but who knows what destination they might end up in as PADI Dive Instructors. That’s the beauty of our job anyway, being able to simply choose.

Shadeh, England, decided to complete her MSDT along with the new trendy specialties of Sidemount and Self Reliant. Not even having the time to complete her internship, poufffff, she is now working and applying to her daily life what’s she likes.

Shadeh teaching her first Advanced student after completing her IDC on Koh Tao

Lisa, New-Zealand, started off with some assisting courses as part of her MSDT and, as well, didn’t get the time to complete it yet as she has been asked and contacted for work in dive centres around the Island.

Group of happy students taught by successful Koh Tao IDC Instructor Lisa.

Carlos, Portugal, started off right away with Open Water and Advanced courses. And in Portuguese as well! What are the chances to teach his first course in Portuguese, his native language?! It all happens for a reason!

Since he started teaching and freelancing around the Island, we tried to get him to teach a course for us…but he is always busy!!

Carlos with newly certified divers at Siam Diving center after his Koh Tao IDC.

Szandra, Hungary, got a call for 2 Open Water students. She thought she would be more assisting to get use to the dive center’s operation, but no! Surprise, they are yours!! Ready for it?! Of course she was! Nothing can stop Szandra!!

Szandra on her first open water course at Coral grand Divers after her Koh Tao IDC

Stephen, England, used to work as a Photographer/Videographer. He decided to leave the camera on the side and start teaching instead. First phone call: Rescue Course. Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! The one that a lot of Instructors fear (which they really shouldn’t!). Did he get it done, yes he did! Was the student happy, Yep! Since then, the phone is ringing non stop! When was your last day off Stephen?!!!!

Anna with a group of Open Water students after completing her Koh Tao IDC

Anna, France, is jumping around! She is literally walking around with her arms up, dancing and singing on the “I love my life” beat! Her first course was a PADI Scuba Diver in English. It has been followed by some DSD (Discover Scuba Diving) in French and it is continuing with Open Water Diver student in Spanish! Speaking a few languages can be pretty useful sometime!!

Ming, Wen and Shun, team China, didn’t waste time and were in fact assisting courses the morning after their IE (Instructor Examination), meaning the morning after the IE Party (I still don’t know how you managed that!!). Waiting for their numbers, they were assisting on Chinese Courses, but as soon as they received the email from PADI with their Instructor number, paf, straight into work with their own courses. Ming is now on a holiday in Bali (not a bad life isn’t!!) and Wen and Shun are on the boat…diving everyday! Though life!!!

Chinese team out teaching open water courses with whale sharks after their Koh Tao IDC

And this is just the last IDC we had! Every month it is the same. Here and every where we go to teach our Instructor candidates.

These guys are in, doing what they like, sharing their passion and promoting themselves via social medias which is now a very important of their and our job.

Australia, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Sicily, South Africa, Sri Lanka, it’s the same every where we go. The words “Dive-Careers” stand for something important and we make sure we are there to support it with our huge network around the globe.

If you fancy the sea as your office, don’t hesitate! It’s possible as you can see!!

Cheers and see you soon on the way to work (usually it’s a nice walk on the beach) or in the office (yep…that will be underwater!)!!



Platinum PADI Course Director

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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Saturday, 12 November 2016 14:48

Scubapro Seminar during our Sicily PADI IDC, Italy.

Sicily SCUBAPRO Seminar as part of Dive-Careers.com Italy IDC

On the 13th of October, 2016, during the IDC from dive-careers-europe.com, we had the honour to welcome SCUBAPRO Technical Director Gilbert de Coriolis at the ATAHOTEL Naxos Beach in Giardini-Naxos, Sicily, Italy. It was going to be a day full of passion for scuba dive equipment and brilliant tips for our PADI IDC-participants. SCUBAPRO Sales Director of EMEA Gianluca Bugli and Area Manager Federico Garaventa also attended, adding a marketing perspective to an incredible dive equipment seminar

Aperitivo Sicily style during the Scubapro seminar on our Sicily IDC, Italy.

From 09.00am in the morning we could fasten our seatbelts, in a few minutes we were blown away by the passion and enthusiasm that Gilbert spread throughout the conference room about the developments of scuba diving regulators in the last 50 years and the technology behind it. Gilbert took us on his journey, taking us from piston and diaphragm first stages, to a precise explanation of the differences between unbalanced, balanced and overbalanced first stages. Holding different parts of first stages in our hands, showing the newest models and listening to explanations about several second stages, we were taken on a journey through regulator development. Terms like ‘inhalation effort’, ‘instant flow’ and ‘hydrostatic pressure’ were explained clearly in a relaxed, passionate manner. Gilbert also shared with us the new innovations and developments at SCUBAPRO that continue to maintain that initial company goal, to have the safest and the best dive equipment on the market.

Gilbert from Scubapro inspiring the IDC candidates on our Sicily IDC

It was a fantastic way to integrate an equipment seminar into the PADI IDC of dive-careers-europe.com, dive-careers.com and Sea Spirit Diving Resort. As a dive instructor, you should have a strong working knowledge of dive equipment. The SCUBAPRO seminars integrated into www.dive-careers.com PADI Instructor Development programmes, ensure our instructors attain that thorough understanding of dive equipment. With the team from SCUBAPRO, our Sicily instructor candidates gained a unique opportunity to increase their dive equipment knowledge and will definitely explain things better to their students and divers in the future with advice on buying equipment and how to take care of it. For more information about equipment workshops during our PADI IDC, please contact Mark Soworka (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or Cilla Lentz (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Scubapro, PADI, Sea Spirit and Dive-Careers.com staff enjoying the beauty of Giardini-Naxos Sicily, Italy

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Saturday, 08 April 2017 12:34

Global PADI IDC Tour with Bas

Beaches, Sceneries and lots of sharks!

Since I started teaching in the different locations we offer at Dive-Careers, there has never been a place better than another, but they all have their little something and all fantastic in their own way.

Let me give you an idea how its like…. This is how my adventure looks like. A bit from the past and from the future.

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