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Thursday, 01 February 2018 06:51

4 Locations, 31 PADI IDC Instructor Course Candidates

It might be the shortest month of the year, but it doesn’t mean the action is less present on the Dive-Careers calendar. Here is a summary of what we’ve done last month, as usual…around the globe! Within 4 different locations, there is in February a total of 31 Dive Professional coming from 14 different countries who completed their pro level with us. Lets starts off with Instructor Development Course and why not talk about first… The Philippines!

Platinum Course Director Peter was during last month enjoying the Thresher Sharks and the Island life in Malapascua. For those of you who never went there, from the north of Cebu province, it’s a quick 30-45min boat ride.

Well known for the “Monad Shoal” with the Thresher Sharks dancing in front of your eyes at early hours and Mandarin Fish mating on sunset, it’s a destination to add on your bucket list. Peter went to the Island to train Philip (England) as well as Colin (France) to become Instructor. Shane (South Africa) also joined the party for his Staff Instructor Course.

Most importantly, on the 20th of February, 3 new Dive Professionals could wear their new Pro level hat!

If we stay in the Philippines, let’s move down to Bohol, Panglao, where Platinum Course Director Bas was busy conducting an IDC with candidates from the UK, Germany, Belgium and the Philippines.

Bohol is an Island located east of Cebu province. Completely on the south, you will find Panglao and the famous area of Alona Beach. You can either get there by flying to Tagbilaran or take a boat from Cebu.

On Alona beach, go to the bar of Sea Quest divers, and you should also find Bas, our Course Director!

This is the home of Bas (not the bar, but Panglao…!) and another little paradise where to become a dive professional. Bas has been teaching in that locations for years and his 4 candidates had the chance to experience the positive craziness behind the person…but while learning and getting prepared to be the best Instructor.

On the 14th of February, they might have found love, but with an Instructor Certificate. Boom, worldwide ticket!

Lets now move a bit more west of Asia to go to a well know Island (yes, another Island!) where Platinum Course Director Mark Soworka was busy conducting an IDC with 5 Instructor Candidates plus 3 Staff Instructor. Koh Tao, Thailand, location for which we do not need to add too many details when it comes to how to get there and so on…as most of you have been either visiting the tropical paradise or for sure heard about it before.

As you might know already, we offer an IDC every month on Koh Tao.

Coming from Germany, Switzerland, UK and Singapore, Mark was surrounded for a 2 weeks of training by people who either recently finished their DM Course or simply decided to come back to something they had left since too long…the envy to know how to teach people how to blow bubbles in the water. On the 20th and 21st of February, they received their confirmation that they were officially new representors and instructors who got trained by Mark Soworka. It actually looks pretty good on a CV too!!

Finally, during this time, Platinum Course Director Marie was busy in Nusa Lembongan, Bali, Indonesia. At the end of February, she completed a program with Jake (Australia), Max (New Zealand) and Michael (England). Dani (Spain), also completed his Staff Instructor Course.

Three new PADI Instructors who got the chance to be trained in a location that if you do not hurry up to visit, it might be to busy and fully booked the day to decide to finally do so. Nusa Lembongan is known for it’s rock n roll diving with Mantas, Shark and Mola Molas, but the place is also known for its amazing surf and scenery.

Later in the month, she started a new IDC with Francisca (Chili), Liv (Australia), Sophia (Australia/Danish) and Trevor (Canada). She is today half way through the program and soon, new PADI Pros will be born!

And this is without talking about all the specialties we’ve been teaching in all these locations. So yes, its not because there is less days in a month that we do less…there is a tea of very experience Course Directors as well as Staff Instructor which are working at the best of the capacity to ensure that you will not only be successful on your program, but most importantly in your new career to start.

As if it wasn’t enough, keep in mind that we are not only have a team of Platinum Course Directors on the road, but we also have Jenni, Staff Instructor, which is based on Koh Tao and looking after our Dive Master Candidates program. In February, she has signed off 8 new PADI Dive Master. At the moment, she is training about 14 of them.

You know whats good, there is 10 more months to come for what will be another excellent year not only for the Dive-Careers team, but also for you…as this is all adding up to your possibilities of employment and career after your program. We are active around the globe and this is your access to many open doors on your new adventure.

Check out our programs and schedule around the world on the dive-careers.com

Last modified on Thursday, 03 May 2018 10:01
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