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Sunday, 18 March 2018 03:26

When you have what it takes for a successful career in diving

The February/March IDC in Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia had a very special chemistry between 4 candidates and their Course Director. It is not every day that you get an ambiance that makes you forget about time, heat, rain, stress and any other little factors that could affect concentration and motivation.

On the last 23rd of February, they all touched base on Nusa Lembongan. Trevor arrived from Victoria, Canada. Francisca, Sophia and Liv came from Australia, Cairns, where they were all working as DM.

On the 24th, their Course Director Marie came from Denpasar (a little less original then Canada and Australia, but hey…she still came from somewhere) and at 5pm, they all met up for the traditional “pre-IDC beer”. It was already clear at that moment that the following 2 weeks were going to be good.

Why talking to you about that, about the “Fantastic Four” and their story with their Course Director? Because it plays a massive impact on the program, on how all the information will be assimilated, on how these guys will be acting in the real life and let’s not forget their Course Director…and how much the candidates will motivate her in giving the best course she can.

The four candidates came really well prepared which is already a big plus. It allowed us spare time for getting lost in completely different discussion about different topics…or would we have done that anyway? I believe the answer is yes.

After two weeks of great memories, of days during which none of us saw the time going, there was no doubt that these 4 were ready. An incredible part of the learning process is the social aspect next to it and this last IDC is the 100% proof of it.

You want to work in the diving industry? Always keep that in mind! Our job requires a massive social aspect. Only way to get that, be truthful and yourself. Nothing to hide, nothing to show off about, be simply you and you will be smashing through.

How many times do we get asked “is there possibilities of work after the program” …and how many time we would like to explain that it depends a lot on how you are during the program, not only academically wise, but also socially wise.Trevor, Francesca, Liv and Sophia…you got it all! You guys don’t have jobs lined up for nothing!!

All the best in your career and thx a million for the great time. It has been a pure pleasure!

Our Next IDC In INDONESIA starts soon. Join us and be part of not only a great training…but a really cool social event!!

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